Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

WOW! What beautiful weather we are having here today. It was beautiful yesterday, too. The sun is out. The clouds are extra white. The sky is extra blue. The air is cool. It's Fall at last.

Fall, I have determined, is my favorite time of the year. It has taken me 61 years to make that determination but it is made. For years, I loved Spring better but then Spring is so short. In the South we have easy winters but Spring seems to pop up and leave just as quick, giving way to Summer.

Two years ago, we had temps of 104 degrees for 10 days. They were scorcher days. The last two Summers have been mild with only a few days in the high 90s.

Another thing I have determined is that I am not going to have a themed blog. I have wrestled with what I should do on my little blog. Recipes? Weight loss? Before and afters in my life? It's just going to be what I intended it to be in the very beginning. It's a blog to divert my attention but also it has evolved into an online diary.

I blog about little tidbits in my life on a daily basis. There are days I actually would like to post more than one time a day but I am holding myself back.

Since today is my happy group day, I will report that I lost 1/2 lb even after vacation. It's a good thing vacation ended last Thursday and I had a few days to catch up.

Well, that's all for this blog. I'm off to the sleep disorder doctor. I have sleep apnea and have had several years of wrestling with my cpap machine, finally giving up on it and packing it away in the closet. I am going to a new doctor to see what he can tell me.

Enjoy the beautiful weather!

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