Monday, September 28, 2009


Today, a sweet lady passed to the other side. I have known her for almost 12 years. She use to work in the lunch room at the school where my last child attended and graduated. She had the prettiest silver hair and a wonderful smile. We were walking buddies for a time.

Although some do not believe in Heaven, most do not want to believe there is the other place. If one believes or doesn't believe does not change that there are two places in the next life.

It has always astounded me that everyone thinks everyone is in Heaven, the good place. No one can stand the thought that one of their friends or relatives might be in the bad place. It would be too much to bear.

However, Hollywood sends everyone straight to Heaven. Most of them do not even believe in God, curse Him, certainly do not live for Him, and are among the lowest in morals crowd in society. Insane thinking.

But, there are people in life that you know are in the good place, Heaven. Miss Ida is one of them. She was a wonderfully sweet lady, believer in God and accepting of Jesus as Savior.

RIP Miss Ida. You are finally home.

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