Saturday, September 5, 2009


Are you ready? Football season is here. It has arrived and some would think it was the answer to all of our woes. People are focused, wearing their team colors, the kids have on football jersey shirts, the little girls are in their tiny cheer leading outfits. Hysteria is everywhere.

I made a quick trip to the local Kroger store. I was amazed. The people that work in the store wear blue shirts and black slacks. They were not in the college colors. Neither was I. It seemed most everyone else in the store was in college colors.

The enthusiastic were buying up hot dogs, buns, chips, dips, soft drinks. No one was buying alcohol because we live in a 'dry' county. No booze sold anywhere except in a near by town because they wanted to draw industry. They drew it but they also drew a higher crime rate. This subject should be left for a future post.

Anyway, the excitement was very interesting. People were hustling and bustling even though kickoff was in the evening and this was in the afternoon. humm...maybe they still needed to make that trip across the river.

People are funny. When a certain thing is their passion, they are focused and determined. When it is not their passion or does not effect them, most do not care.

I wish people would get as excited about our Country as they do about football.

Who will cheer for the USA?

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