Sunday, July 5, 2009

Trivia Here Trivia There

Trivia, as defined in Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, is unimportant matters. It's the first definition. There are others but do not apply to this post.

Sunday is usually church time for us. Today, I was a bit ill to the tummy so stayed home. This evening, I was emailing friends, catching up on my Facebook page, and listened to a conference call on a possible new business opportunity.

On Facebook, a post was made about a very small baby that did not make it.
As a link to another blog, there was a youtube video
of a dad and mother asking for intense prayer for their middle child, a beautiful blond, blue eyed little girl, with a brain tumor. Another friend, who we have known since he was a little boy, posted on Facebook about his extremely delicate health and battle with cancer.

Then, I looked at my blog. The first response was this is all trivia. Sure, it's my life and my thoughts but in the grand theme of things, comparing this to the others mentioned above, unimportant matters.

Yes, our life has been difficult at times. My battle with cancer 30 + years ago. My husband's car wreck that sent him literally UNDER an 18 wheeler. He ducked into the passenger seat and the bottom of the truck tore up his left shoulder. The loss of all of our parents, my youngest brother on a motorcycle, a miscarriage, church situations, the list goes on but at the moment even my injury from that stupid fall seem so much trivia. Why? Because 'most of it' was years ago, not now. I hate trials and I hate pain. I hate being IN trials and IN pain.

I pause just for a moment to think of my life and the fact that I have a life at all. My husband is an honest, hardworking man, who has more character than most preachers that have crossed my path. My oldest son is married with a beautiful baby boy and a Godly wife. My daughter is married to a kind Godly man and teaches high school children with disabilities including Autism. My youngest son is preparing for ministry.

It's time to pause and give a prayer of thankfulness for.....


Dinah Soar said...

Great picture!!..and you do have many blessings, in spite of all the hardship.

Carol said...

Yeah....I just get down...human, I know.