Monday, July 20, 2009

Another Monday

It's Monday again. Where does the weekend go?

This was my Birthday Weekend. Our two sons, daughter in law and GRAND baby (1/2 year old; me much older) were here Friday night and Saturday morning. The youngest went back to college on Sunday morning. It was fun.

Today, I attempted to get the house under control....

Laundry, including all the sheets, towels, throw rugs, clothes

Made the beds with fresh linens and comforters

Vaccuumed the extra bedroom, hall

Dishwasher, which is ongoing, never ending, but so glad to have one

Drove to the local Kroger and picked up a few out of stock things, a cooked chicken and frozen veggies for the microwave. Presto. Supper.

Cleaned the bathroom, including scrubbing the floor with my foot and a towel


Caught up with some friends on email and Facebook

Laid down a bit for a rest this afternoon but just thought, no sleep, it's okay

Mondays evaporate.

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