Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Today July 7 2009


I went to my meeting, lost one pound.

Ate out. Paid for lunch of a policeman. I've tried to do this many times since 9/11. But, I'm going to have to stop. We are living on one pay check now.

Emailed a bunch of people about a possible biz opportunity.

Watched the Michael Jackson funeral while I was emailing. How sad that our culture has idolized a very sick man and all of these people showed up today, even some of his own family, who left him over his lifetime.

Changed the bag on the vacuum cleaner.

Smelled something yuck in the freezer so pulled out all the old stuff and trashed. The power was out so something certainly went bad, real bad.

Put away some things.

Ran the dishwasher.

Made the bed.

Hired the little boy down the street to mow the lawn since it is going to be so hot tomorrow and Hubbie is in the heat enough as it is.

Treated Hubbie & me to Pizza Hut, large, pepperoni pizza with free chocolate dippers. A coupon came to my email for the dippers. But, it was a waste of money. We threw several pieces of pizza in the garbage because young son is back at college. A large pepperoni pan pizza is too big for us.

Hubbie bought home a cute little shirt for the GRAND baby. See the picture.

hmmmm...Hubbie is not a real word and GRAND baby is two words?? Who does this spellcheck anyway?

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