Saturday, July 25, 2009

Remember this old song?

Well I woke up this were on my were on my miiinnndd. Last night and this morning I had stuff on my mind. I went to sleep thinking about phrases I have heard during my life time.

Here is a partial list in no particular order:

Good is never made better by the presence of evil.

Just because you do not believe does not mean it is not so.

What the parent allows in moderation, the child will do in access.

Never put your precious baby in a car with someone that has been drinking. Don't be that someone.

Kids are worth the sacrifice. Those that are not willing to sacrifice should not have the kids.

Character is not something that can we wired on. You either have it or you don't.

Some people look better going than they do coming.

Life is short. Eternity is long.

Money cannot buy happiness but it sure beats what is in second place.

Never disrespect your parents, the police officer, or the soldier.

Always live within your means, not your wants.

Divorce is always about the parents, never the kids.

The cover of a book is easily changed. The inside of the book not so easily changed.

What do you think 'till death do you part' means?

Never trust a liar. Strive not to be a liar.

Your first impression is usually right.

There is no such thing as a white lie.

There has only been one person that really walked on water.

It's never right when it's done under the table.

There is true guilt and there is false guilt.

Some things in life are fun. Some are just dangerous.

Your children will always be your babies no matter how big they get.

If it's delicious, it's probably bad for you.

Don't be guilty of throwing stones. It's not your life.

If you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, you may be at a curve.

All of these are things that came into my brain. None are written down and neither is this list but it is now on my blog.

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