Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Ten Commandments of Permanent Fat Removal

1 - Thou shalt honor and believe in thyself.
2 - Thou shalt move thy booty. Move it and move it some more.
3 - Thou salt never go hungry again. Eat small meals and healthy snacks throughout the day.
4 - Thou salt stock the fridge with the right stuff - the fruits and vegetables of the earth, the Melba toast of men who walked before us.
5 - Thou salt honestly write it down. If you bite it, you must write it.
6 - Thou salt weigh and measure thyself and they food.
7 - Thou shalt drink enough Holy Water to frighten Noah and map out all the restrooms in thy village.
8 - Thou shalt not deny thyself a treat or two now and then.
9 - Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's plate.
10 - Thou salt not eat out of misery, boredom, anxiety...but should thy over-indulge, forgive thyself immediately.


- copied from a friend ... given to me today.

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