Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Thrift stores are a great budget balance idea. There are several in the small town where we live. The good thing about these thrift stores is that almost nothing is priced! Really! Why is that good? You can haggle. If the price is more than you want to pay, ask for a lower price or a freebie with purchase. If you are frequent customer or friends with the owner, even better for lower prices.

If you still are not willing to pay the price, put it down, change your mind, move on to the next thing. In Dixie we say, I'm gonna think about it, which actually means, I ain't-a gonna pay that for that!

Several weeks ago I stopped in at my favorite shop. This shop keeps several boxes of msc fabrics, some are scraps, some are polyester. I was able to buy a stack of several pieces that I am going to use to recover the swing on the patio.

How much for all of it you ask? $1.50.


dfish said...

We can sure live a lot better when we are willing to sacrifice our pride. Too many people have not yet learned to accept what they can afford and pay extra because they want "the best."

Carol said...

Nope, not me! I love a bargain!