Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Yes, I am couponer, not an extremer but I take my binder with me just about every time I leave the house. If I don't I usually regret it.

Another way I've found to save money is to get The Hubby involved in couponing. No, he is not clipping and sorting but he is on the lookout for deals. He checks the Sunday paper and pulls out all of the inserts. He looks for the things he needs, like shaving stuff, and asks me if I have coupons. He is willing, ready and able to eat at places of business that have coupon deals. Since he/we are unemployed, it's the only way we eat out unless it is on Tuesday which is KFC Senior Buffet for $5!

We're a team in many ways for almost 44 years. It's just another team adventure for us! Save that dough! Sounds like a game show, doesn't it?!

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