Thursday, August 25, 2011


My new favorite grocery store is Earth Fare. Although there is not one closer to us than 20 + miles, we do plan a day and make it one of our stops.

If you sign up to receive their email, they will send you coupons that are good for about a week. This week's coupon was fresh chicken breasts for $2 per pound! Yep, you read it correctly.

I had a coupon and The Hubbie had a coupon so we were both able to purchase the chicken deal.

The meat was the largest chicken breast I've ever purchased. I plan to cut each in half length wise to make a thinner piece of meat. We will be able to make 8 pieces of chicken! It comes out to about fifty ($.50) cents per serving.

When the purchase was scanned, both pkgs were a bit over the 2 lb limit per customer so we thought we would have to pay full price for the extra ounces, no, it rang up at the $1 price, too!

Plus our Senior Discount!

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