Monday, August 1, 2011


Life in Dixie is usually pretty good, cept for summer. Oh, meeee!! Hot is hot and it lasts for days on end. Tomorrow the weather is suppose to be 100 with August still facing us here.

Dealing with the heat is even harder if you are dealing with hot flashes. No fun at all.

Some of the ways to deal with the heat are.....

Take showers, several a day, minimum of two, average three per day.
Change clothes when they are damp with sweat, dry is better.
Air conditioning, in the house, in the car, in the church, everywhere.
Where skin touches skin, use clean paper towels to absorb the sweat or terry cloth, gross, yeah, but helps.
Wear deodorant without anti sweat chemicals. It allows the body to sweat naturally.
Cotton clothes, no polyester.
No hose.
Carry something to fan with in your purse and something to wipe off the sweat as you can.
Turn on ceiling fans and leave them on to help the air to circulate.
Sleep on cotton sheets.
Drink water, drink more water.

Do you have an suggestions? I'm always looking for something to help ease the heat.

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