Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Saving money seems to be on everybody's to do list.

It seems if you are dirt poor, you can get all kinds of government program assistance from free food, free cell phone, free insurance coverge. How do they pay for all of it? You know how.

Since The Hubbie has lost his job, along with his health insurance, we are in a pickle. Yes, we are both struggling to rectify it all without much success. It's not a good thing for us to both be down at the same time. Nope, not.

Here are a few ways that you might not have considered....

Do away with the cell phones and use a walkie talkie....yes even when you are in separate parts of a store. Buy a phone from Dollar General and use in emergencies.

Drop the insurance coverage on your car....not completely, just the amount of coverage depending on the age of the car, etc.

Consider cutting back on charitable giving...all my life I've heard...Charity begins at home....good time to practice it don't you think?! For years we have given money to others and not ourselves, bad idea.

If you eat out, make it a goal to do so for about $10 for two people....it can be done....if it's more than that, don't do it.

Stop buying stuff for other people that they really don't like anyway.

Buy clothes on clearance...the rule is...if you cannot buy the fabric for the price of the garment already made, then buy the garment.

Don't have a pet. But if you do have one, keep it. They are a great comfort and can boost your spirit. Just don't go out and buy one to add to the already tight budget.

Stay home and watch TV. Entertainment is expensive. No one really wants to know how you are anyway or how much you are dealing with in your life so keep it between yourselves at home watching TV.

Share coupons either by giving away or swapping with another coupon person. It's money in your pocket when you do not have to buy extra newspapers.

HAPPY TUESDAY? No matter it's Tuesday anyway. Wheeeeee....


dfish said...

One of the big problems with charitable giving is that we have gotten away from the biblicl principles. There are those who we are not to give to. For example, if a person refuses to work, we are not to support him. We are not obligated to give to every need, much less every want. Even giving to the church is wrong if it enables people to avoid their own responsibility. If we give contrary to God's instruction, we should not expect himto bless our gift.

Carol said...

Yes, true statements. Give as you feel you should. You never know who might be an angel you are helping.

Jeff Hardy said...

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