Sunday, August 7, 2011


Today is my friend's 84th Birthday, Elizabeth VanDenburgh. She is an amazing woman, a friend, like the sister I never had in many ways. We lived in the same town for 16 years. Now, we are miles and miles apart. She is a wonderful example of a Christian woman and mother, daughter of a hard working farmer.

Her Hubby is amazing, too, brilliant, IBMer, who traveled the world working, honest, servant of the Lord.

We lived with them for four months, long story. We would have been homeless had they not taken us in and fed us. They have done this for many over the years.

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mrs Elizabeth, aka Libby, VanDenburgh! Thank you for the influence you have been to me!

(Thank you Hubby VanDenburgh for all you are doing at this time. You are my hero.)


dfish said...

How many of these unsung heroes will God recognize in heaven? Think what a miserable place the world would be without their influence.

Carol said...

So true....the first will be last....the last will be first.