Saturday, June 12, 2010


What is more boring than shopping for a new camera online? Not much.

My new Sony digital camera started making a static sound so I took it back to the big K, Kmart. Since I had my receipt there was no problem, unlike trying to return something to the big W, yes with a receipt even.

My second Samsung camera was returned to the factory for a second time. I am hoping they will replace the lemon with a camera that actually works. In the meantime, I am camera-less, spellcheck tricker for sure.

Now, sitting in the big chair, I'm surfing the web looking for a camera, cheap. The ones I would like to have are hundreds of dollars, way too much for my checkbook. I keep buying inexpensive ones and keep getting in trouble.

Plus, my new Samsung phone had to be returned to AT&T. The youngest son was so caring that he put us on his account to help us cut back on our expenses, so sweet of him. My phone did not work, took it back, replaced the sim card, brought it home, worked for a few days, took it back, replaced with a completely new phone, brought it home, worked for a few days, took it back for good this time. I am also phone-less.

I think I'm having technology withdrawal, at my age, who knew?

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