Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Who in the world would have thought a post about a camera could be stretched to 3 days? HA HA Life as an empty nester is sure different from life with a house of kiddos.

Any how, I'm off to pick up the camera. Staples just called and said there was not one on the truck Monday, was one on the truck today, my name is on it and in the backroom. Great service, don't you agree?

Stuff to is our first born Son's HAPPY BIRTHDAY. He is 39 years old today. We are so blessed by his presence in our lives! He is the son we always knew we would have, 39 years ago today at 7:01 AM, Darnell Army Hospital, Killeen, Texas, only $5.25 American dollars. What a bargain!

Love you Aaron, from the first time I laid eyes on you, all gooey and red, every day since, till the day I die and beyond, forever.

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