Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Since Tuesday is almost over, should I really post a money saving tidbit? Okay, talked me into it, I will.

Couponing has become my part time job, since I can no longer work, it's pretty good and no taxes to pay.

Today was my errands day in the local bigger town, bigger than our small town but far from big, I digress.

I stopped at the RiteAid, hoping they would be carrying things our little store here does not, nope, they had been rearranged and lots of stuff deleted, too. Still, I was successful in my mission.

Total cereal was marked down to 2.41 per box, expiring 10/10, and the .75 off coupon worked, 1.66 for a bigger box than the one that I bought at WM for over 4.00. L'oreal Bare Natural mineral powder was originally 15.95, marked down to 3.81 on clearance with a 1.00 coupon, only 2.81. Breathe Right strips were on sale for 3.99 with a 1.50 off coupon, only 2.49.

So, you can see what the tip is, gooooo couponing! Hooray! Yes, coupons work on clearance items, too.

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