Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Today is almost over so probably will not post tomorrow.

I am wondering something though.

How much gas would a person save if they turned off the car motor when waiting in line? Any line, not just one line.

Here are a few times:

Waiting at a very long red light, one that has 8 + different directions to travel. Why have the car running while waiting for your one time to go?

Waiting in line at Hardees for that breakfast biscuit. Yum.

Waiting in line at the bank.

Waiting for the funeral cars to pass.

Waiting for the school bus to empty, or fill, whichever the case might be.

Waiting to get your mail out of the mailbox if it is located by the street.

Waiting in line at the DQ.

Waiting for an accident to be cleared.

Of course there are times you do not want to turn off the motor because you might get run over, say at a toll booth.

Interesting, looks like I could have the motor off more than on, wonder how much that would save me in gas cash?


Dinah Soar said...

The rule of thumb I read is after 30 seconds it uses more gas to leave the car running that it takes to start if up. So...it saves gas to turn the engine off it you're wait exceeds 30 seconds.

Carol said...

THANKS! Makes sense! Appreciate the tip!