Monday, June 14, 2010


I went camera shopping, after a doctor appointment. I found a good deal but the store was out, naturally. I left my phone number so the employee can call me when the truck arrives.

I found a camera at Staples that I think I am going to buy. I have the money from the other camera, returned to Kmart because of the static sound. So here is the deal.

It's a digital camera, on sale for $50 off, purchased at Staples, you get, after rebate, a free memory card, free carry case AND a 2 year service agreement. After all the hair pulling problems I've had with my last two cameras, the 2 year service agreement is a big, big plus.

Here is the kicker, I found the same camera on a wholesale store's website for $348.00. This camera is $179 with all the freebies, only $30 more than my refund cash.

I have multiple ink cartridges I am taking to the store to apply $3 per cartridge to the cost of the camera.

I'm excited and hoping there are several on the truck today so the employee calls me.


Blogging is so much easier with a camera, another good reason to buy it.

I'm excited. I forgot to see if it does videos, that, may be a problem. We shall see.

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