Thursday, June 17, 2010


The new camera is in hand, now to learn to use it. I am excited, glad too, for the two year service agreement, probably my favorite thing with all the problems I've had with other cameras.

Pictures to follow because the GRAND baby is coming for a few days.

No cell phone yet but one will come, soon.

It's hot and humid in Dixie today. The past two days we've had a wonderful, hard down pour with a cooling behind it. The Hubbie and I tried to mow the grass last night but had to stop because of the lightning.

I'm thankful that I can now mow the front yard, well, most of it, anyway. I can only do the level part and can no longer start the mower because of the limitations to my right arm. Still I am trying to get back some of the strength I have lost these last several years. Is that possible?

Once you don't use it, do you loose it, forever?

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