Sunday, June 27, 2010


I'm home sick, not too bad, just coughing, and sinus yuck. Since there are many older people at our local church, I am very slow to go on days like this. I do not want to make any of them sick.

Our long time primary doc is out of the country on a missions trip, coming back on June 30. No doc is taking his calls, strange, I think. His office said to go to the local doc in a box store, wondering if I should go or is it just a waste of my money?

Do you watch Clark Howard? He is a pretty interesting fellow. He actually gives sympathy thoughts to people in trouble with their money or life situation. He apparently is a multimillionaire and could have retired at 31, impressive.

Today is a rambling post, not much direction, you can tell.

******UPDATE.....I'm sick as a dog...woof woof.