Monday, May 24, 2010


Monday, what a beautiful day in Dixie, warming up but beautiful.

What is your motivation in life?

What gets you from point A to point B?

What is important in your life?

What are the reasons for the motivation?

Everyone does what they do for a reason, multiple reasons. The main reason, usually, is because you want to do whatever it is.

We can use a million excuses for what we do or don't do but isn't that the real reason, you want to? I've decided that is my reason, because I want to.

The flip side is because I don't want to, how about you? We do what we want because we want to do it or we don't do what we don't do because we don't want to do it.

Take today to think about life, things that need to be accomplished, make a list if you must, but think about it. It may be just the motivation you need to make a change or two.

After all, as long as we are breathing, no matter our age, we can make changes for the better, or the worse. It's never too late.

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