Friday, May 7, 2010


Men and women are different. I don't care how many people think they are the same, nope, no way, not ever gonna believe it.

When I go out and run errands, buy things on sale, clearance, use coupons, etc., I see it as saving money. The Hubbie is a wonderful man but he sees it differently, you're spending money to save money? Wouldn't you have more money if you spent no money? See what I mean. I love the guy.

Today, I went to the local bigger town to pick up a pair of work shoes for him. I think I got the wrong style so will be taking them back. I have taken on all of the going and doing in an effort to relieve his stress, burden. So, I will be going back to the local bigger town to return the shoes for him. I love the guy.

These are a few of the money saving deals I accomplished today:

Family Dollar has toothbrushes on clearance for $.80 each, stocked up I did. Also bought a pump jar of lotion, lavender fragrance only $.90. I bought other things with coupons, too. Yes, Family Dollar takes coupons. There was a clearance basket, picked up a box of mix for sugar cookies, $.80, Dove deodorant was on clearance for $1.25, had a $1 coupon, only $.25 and other things, need to do the math to know how much I really 'saved'. ;)

CVS has Coke products on sale this week 5 for $13, only $2.60 per case, regularly $5.99 for the same case, normally about $30.00 for $13.00. Also pantie liners that were on clearance for $.99, purchased with a $2.00 coupon CVS sent me in the mail, also a rain check for Sweet N Low, BOGO, $2.69 for two.

So, I've saved but spent. It's fun to me, now my part time job, as my DIL mentioned one woman considered it, saving money for her family. I think I like it because I don't pay income or social security taxes in this job, yet. I need to get more focused about it because if I do coupons late at night, I get frustrated and want to quit, too much trouble, but no, it's worth it. Maybe I need to designate Monday as coupon day, separate, cut them all out in one day, done.

Anyway, I am beginning to convince The Hubbie. For instance, I bought over $31.00 of 'stuff' from RiteAid, spending only $1.51.

He likes it, I know he does.

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