Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I am back, I think. What a tough virus this has been. The Hubbie and I were suppose to be in beautiful Destin, FL, this week. This is a view out of the patio (from last year's vacation) door, beautiful, isn't it?!

But we tried twice to head in that direction, both times, had to turn back towards the house because we were too ill to go any further. We are lounging at home, regaining strength, getting stronger. I have been AWOL for that reason but I'm back and I'm better.

This is a craft that I would like to share with my readers. No sewing required. So, gather the things in this picture and watch for instructions on how to make an easy craft for home, office, friend, teacher, neighbor, relative, or you. All of these items can be purchased at the Dollar Tree or the big WM.

Or if you have these items at home, even cheaper.

You need:
1 roll of green floral tape
1 bunch of artifical flowers, any color or a mixture
1 pkg of writing pens
1 pkg of glass stones (optional)
1 container, pictured is a glass bowl, you can use a decorated can or anything handy
wire cutters


Dinah Soar said...

What a beautiful view!!..what a shame you didn't get to go...looking forward to seeing the craft instructions...I'm thinking a pen bouquet??...neat idea. Will stay tuned.

Carol said...

Yes, you are right and thanks.