Friday, May 21, 2010


It rained just about all day. I love the rain. It gives the earth a bath. Everything seems so fresh after a good slow rain.

Where did the day go? Who knows? I did a bunch of errands, bought two new blouses to match a skirt my daughter bought for $2, new, never worn. Also had my hair cut, like it? Undecided.

Also made a stop at the drugstore to buy tp, on sale. I'm telling you, if someone could come up with a cheap substitute for tp, they would be rich. This stuff is getting too expensive to even buy, but it's a must have, so we buy, picked up a few groceries, too.

Started to try to stick to a food plan, did well till supper then ate some Fudge Oreo cookies, new, with a coupon, that were way too chocolate but I still ate them, what's with that?

Now I am waiting for the chili to cool so I can put it in The Hubbie's lunch sack.

This is my Iris patch. It more than tripled from last year's. Enjoy. God bless and thanks for stopping by my blog.

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