Sunday, May 23, 2010


Mama said ther'd be days like this, ther'd be days like this my Mama said, Mama, said.

Today is Sunday, my early day of the week. The Hubbie has hurt his back so I had to get up to help put on his socks, shoes, cause he could not bend over.

I took a shower, brushed the teeth, dried the hair, the whole nine yards in an effort to make my big bod presentable. Guess what?


Not only did I go to services, ate lunch at KFC, but stopped in the local funeral home to pay our respects to a dear lady who lost her grown son, her baby. I also went to the grocery store for a few things, including beans for the after funeral dinner.

When I was riding home, I realized I had no deodorant. I am so embarrassed. I came home, removed the stinky articles of clothing, took a second shower, this time, put on double deodorant, as if that is going to make a difference for the sweaty smell I've had today. Blushing, I am.

Are you wondering if you did, too? Sniffing the arm pits are you?

Somethings about getting older are great, some things, like forgetting, not so great.

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