Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Temps are setting record lows in Dixie.  Too cold to go outside for this woman!  So, you know it's cold!
Today is Tuesday, time for another money saving tip.  Simply put, here it is:

Too many times we limit our finances, our lives, our attitudes, you name it, by limiting our creativity.  We think, oh, I can't do that for blah blah blah reason.  But, you can!  Nothing life threatening of course, but creativity is a great way to come up with new ideas to save money.
Dinah, makes her own greeting cards.  This is a great idea!  Paying $4.99 for a card is ridiculous.  Plus she has fun doing it!
Sunny, another friend, knits and crochets beautiful projects that would cost big bucks if purchased from a store!
Roy, a long time friend and retired IBMer, keeps track of all his spending as well as income, yep, every penny.  He knows where it goes and for what.  Amazing.
The Hubbie and I follow Dave Ramsey.  We made it our own but it's a great option.  God and Grandma handling money.  It changed our lives for the better.
Then lastly, my piggy bank stash.  Several years ago I bought a porcelain piggy bank from WM, on clearance for $3.  It sits on the table nearest the door coming in from the garage.  When I spend a dollar, I always give an extra buck instead of using coins.  The coins go in the bank.  When the bank is full, I take it to my bank, use the counting machine and that is my spending money for the month.  It works.  (you've read this before, I know...)
I am rethinking this plan.  The bank changes 4% to use their counting machine.  I may go back to rolling my own and saving that money.  Think 4% per month, over a year is close to $40.00 American!!!
So, get creative.  Think outside the box.  Have fun.  Life is too short.
Be smart like Albert.

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