Wednesday, January 15, 2014


The tip for today is something that may make you go.....yuck.  Some may already do it.
Wear your clothes twice before washing.
Yeah, yuck. 
I have found that rarely are my clothes too dirty, sweaty, or stained that I cannot wear them the again within the next day or two.
Now, all bets are off if you are living in Dixie and it is hot outside!   Those days, you step outside and you can burst into sweat.  Wash your clothes before wearing them on those days, People.  Get serious.  No one likes to smell stinky.
Remember that the beginning goal in our quest to cut back our living expenses was to cut everything by 50%. 
So, if you are careful, your clothes are clean, you can wear them twice, cutting back laundry cost, time, duty, wear by half.
Things I do NOT wear twice:
sweaty clothes
clothes with food spots on them
clothes that have been rained on
Pretty easy plus gives you more time to blog.  Grin

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