Thursday, January 2, 2014


Today was a good day. 

I was eating my Hardee's biscuit, listening to the radio station, in my little zoom zoom.  The host was talking about a new law in Alabama pertaining to driver's license.  I pulled mine out and checked it.


Mine had expired on 12-10-2013.  I called The Hubbie.  He has a CDL so his expires in March.  I headed across the street to get my new one.  Although my hair was not fixed, only pulled back in a pony tail.  No matter, I had a mission.  I was wearing my outside slippers, too.  No matter, I had a mission.  The license was obtained.

I heard the weather was taking a turn for the worse this week.  So I decided to get as much of my errands done as possible.

One of the errands was to pick up a box of Total for The Hubbie.  A problem arose.  There were only two boxes left, on the very top shelf, pushed all the way back on the very top shelf.  Could I reach it with my 5 foot 5 inch body?  No way. 

I headed down the aisle looking for a WM employee, which are all invisible when you need one. 

I went back down the cereal aisle and spotted a young black man.

He was thin, dressed all in black, with one of those wraps on his head, a beard and was a bit threatening.

However, I was not deterred. 
I asked....Sir, will you help me? 
He said.....Yes, what do you need?
I said.....I need someone tall with muscles.
He said....I can help!
I said....I need a box of that Total cereal.  Will you please get it for me?
He said.....Of course I will. 

He reached up, pulled the box down, handed it to me.

I thanked him, then gave him a side body hug, my arm around his waist.  He smelled like cigarettes, was a bit scary but he made my day.

He hugged be back around my shoulder.

He said.....No problem, any time.....anything else? but thank you!

  He slapped his hands and walked away with a bit of a spring in his step.

It takes little effort to make another human being feel good about themselves.  A few kind words, a big thank you and action to prove you accept them as a person.

You never know who will cross your path.  Not all appearances are evil.  They only look that way.

Thank you to the young man today!   You helped me and I hope I helped you.



Donald Fishgrab said...

Our world puts so much emphasis on first impressions, yet research shows they are wrong 80-90% of the time.

Carol said...

Interesting. Did not know the stats were that high. Good info.