Friday, January 10, 2014


One thing about being retired, aka, not working, aka, unemployed  is keeping up with what day it is.
Yesterday was Thursday, my self proclaimed fun day of the week.  I do something fun say for instance shopping.  I will show you my haul in the future.  Why Thursday?  Zero traffic, empty stores, no waiting, etc.
Today is Friday.  What are my plans? 
Sleep late....check....all that fun on Thursday made this girl tired.
Drive thru Hardees....check....the biscuit was terrible this morning. 
Go to the laundry mat.....ugh.....on my way there.  The older son and his family were sick over Christmas so I have several huge black garbage bags of laundry to do.  My little zoom zoom is packed. 
Well, blogging is not getting it done. 
I'm out of here.
Tip for's Friday today.

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