Wednesday, January 22, 2014


This is a lesson to be learned that will improve your life.
When you go into a salon for a haircut or a trim and shape up, ALWAYS take a picture of the style you want.  It can be out of a magazine or an actual picture of yourself with the way you have been wearing your hair.  The key word is ALWAYS.
I found a new stylist who did a great job on my hair last time.  It was the best haircut I've ever had in my life!  So, when I drove by the salon, noticed there were no cars in front, I decided to go in as a walk in, which this salon advertises that it does. 
Long story short, I explained how I wanted my hair.  She agreed, so I thought.  But, I left the place with what I would term as a shag.  Instead of being longer, one length except textured for body, I have layers all over my head with thinning on the ends. 
My hair is thin enough already!!
It took me several years to get over a haircut like this.  Now, I am going to have to grow it out again.  I should have taken the time to come to the house, retrieve the picture and drive back to the salon.  
I should have known she was not paying attention when she turned my back to the over sized mirror on the wall.  I will go back to her this summer when I go in for a very short style to be able to handle the hot weather here in Dixie but still I don't like what I'm wearing now.
Live and learn.

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