Tuesday, September 17, 2013



This is a strange money saving tip.  I do not even know if it is legal.  I do not know if it isn't considered stealing.  It may or may not.  It may be okay because on the other hand, the store is charging for garbage.
Here it is:
Last week, while shopping at my favorite Publix store, I was browsing through the produce section, when I saw something very strange!
A young Asian woman was standing right next to the trash bin with several ears of corn.  She was shucking/peeling off the husk and putting them all into the trash can! 
This was a first for me in my entire life! 
She proceeded to remove all of the husk, neatly putting each into the trash can, then with her clear plastic bag, placed all of the corn into the bag without the husks!
So, if this is legit, then she is saving a bunch of money by having the corn weigh only what the actual corn costs!  Why should the customer pay for the husk which is only garbage?!
If the price is per ear, then the husk would not matter.  If the price is per pound, that could make a big difference!
I have been known to pick out the rotten grapes and trash them but never shuck corn in the middle of the produce aisle.
It was an interesting concept! 
Plus there were two workers in the produce department.  No one said a word to her.  They let her stand there, cleaning all of the corn, until she was finished and walked away to finish her shopping. 
I'm not saying do this or don't do this.  It's up to you. 
We, as American shoppers, pay so much for packaging, why not save a little bit when you can?
It's the tip of the day. 

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