Friday, September 13, 2013


Today is a cooler day in Dixie.  Well, the humidity is lower so it seems cooler.  I decided to work on the garage.  Tomorrow is suppose to be in the eighty degree range but I have indoor stuff to do, too.
You may remember that when we started living on the envelope budget, I set out to reduce our outgoing cash by fifty percent.
I did that to the garage today.  Yep, reduced all of the junk by fifty percent, well, my part of the junk.  The Hubbie has car stuff that needs to be reduced.  I don't know enough about what he uses or needs to start throwing out his stuff. 
It's interesting to see how much more room is in the garage!  It is also, after several hours of sweating like a horse, freeing.  Less junk, less stress, is what I am discovering. 
It's a good discovery, too!  Ahhhhhh.
What's the point of keeping stuff that only collects cobwebs and dust?
No point at all.

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