Friday, September 20, 2013


Today is Friday.  It's the last day of the week for the working public.  The Hubbie is off tomorrow.  Since I am retired, I loose track of the days. 
I plan to do some sprucing up of the pink laundry room.  I would like to have a mini chandelier but the cost is not worth it.  The ones you make yourself look like you made it yourself.
At Family Dollar, I purchased a cute picture for the room.  De junking the room will go a long way.
The Daughter game me a nice hook board.  It's going up along with some pics of the grand kids, may be.
I would like to have a stack able pair of washer and dryer some day.  It would make the room seem larger.  I like having a laundry room. 
Did I say that it is pink?  grin

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