Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Wednesday is grocery day.  I hit Publix in the near by bigger city.  I spent $31 and some change, didn't spend $55 and some change.  I think Publix is great.  I was jk about having to live close to one.  There are other good stores to shop at for deals.  I just prefer Publix over Kroger but you know that, don't you?  grin  Also stopped at CVS, picked up electric toothbrush replacement heads for The Hubbie's electric toothbrush, $22.99, with coupons, dollars off, $5 give or take a few cents.  Score!
Last week I stopped at a further away ChikFilA for supper.  I had the radio on, talk radio, this quote came out of the speaker:
Surest way to feel half the house you can afford.  The speaker said it was a Ben Franklin quote but couldn't verify it.  Still a great thought, I thought.  Why?  Because Americans do mostly the opposite.  They buy the biggest house they can afford.  Big mistake, big mistake.  Why?  It puts a bind on your budget.  When you grow old, kids are gone, what's the point?  Go back, read the quote again.  Money saver.  Sanity saver. 
Last thought for today.  When the chicken isn't thawed out but it's time to eat, drive thru Little Caesar Pizza.  Hot and Ready pepperoni pizza is only $5.00.  I'm thinking about just doing this on Friday evenings, giving up the homemade thing.  It cost more to make one than buy one.  All good traditions must be time tested, or not.  heehee

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