Monday, July 29, 2013


The decorations on the front porch needed to be changed for August and the end of Summer.  Here is how it went:

This is a swim noodle, cut with a sharp knife to make it round and taped back together.  I didn't want to spray paint one of my other wreathes but wanted something lime green so bought this at the famous Dollar Tree.  Poke a hole with a sharp object to be able to hang it.  I used the tip of the wire cutters.

This is the flag I was trying to coordinate.  The bright colors are very nice but finding a sun to glue for a wreathe is impossible.  So...
I picked up a package of children's sunglasses that were marked down 50% at the Dollar General.  They were party favors.  The ends were hot glued together to make them stable on the fake wreathe.  Glue the tips to the bottom of the glasses.

Like this:

The tape was difficult to cover so I pulled out the blue flowers to match the blue in the flag and hot glued them to the taped area.   This is how it turned out. 

It is a cheap imitation from a flip flop wreathe I saw on Pinterest.   Next time, I will probably add more to it.  Since Summer is almost over, I'll be on the look out for cheaper things to fill in but it's okay.  The cost was about $1.50 total.

The butterfly greenery was also purchased at Dollar Tree.  The multi-green cover was something I've had for a long time, purchased at a garage sale years ago.
It works, nothing special, but it works. 
There is a picture of the front porch with it all in place but my house number shows up so use your imagination.  GRIN!

I never put expensive stuff outside for three reasons:

1 - I do not have or buy expensive stuff to put outside and

2- If you have expensive stuff, it is a beacon to thieves that there is more expensive stuff inside.

3 - I do not have expensive stuff on the inside but why fake it and invite a robber?  Not me thank you.


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