Thursday, July 18, 2013


This morning, I spotted a yard sale sign on the way to and from Hardee's for a drive thru breakfast.  Yeah, I hunted it down. 
This is what I found:
One over sized Fisher Price dollhouse for $1
Two dolls that went with it; one was damaged in the feet/chewed on, tmi?
One Starter Alabama jacket size Medium, probably an EBay item
One pair of shorts for Carrington, Size 6, tags still on for $1
Book that teaches children how to tell time for Riley
All for less than $4.  Why?  Because that is all the cash I had with me.   I should post a picture.  As you know that may or may not happen.  Grin.
So, the lesson learned is, take more money with me or don't take more money with me, one makes me buy more, spend more; the other, I buy what I have the cash for and leave.  Maybe a limited budget per week would work!  Yeah, I think that is the lesson.  Allow X number of dollars for the week, spend it and go home. 
I like that lesson.

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