Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Wednesday is grocery day.  I shop at Publix, mainly, Wal-Mart is the back up store.  I shopped at Kroger for years and years but I eventually became fed up with the lack of customer service.  The restrictions on the use of coupons was the final straw.
My goal is always to not spend the same amount I do spend, saving 50%.  Today, I missed that goal by $4.  I bought a few things that were on sale but without a coupon so, yeah, I went over.  It's okay.  The last several weeks I have saved more than I spent so it evens out.   Plus there are times that saving a few stops, saving time, is just as important as the bottom line on the grocery ticket.
When we move, it's going to be hard to live at place that doesn't have a Publix store!  So, that will need to be a requirement.  Years ago, when we moved here, I only needed a Wal-Mart and a Hardee's.  
My horizons have expanded.  HeeHee! 
Who knows? I may quit cooking, eliminating the need for groceries except for a few items.

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