Tuesday, October 4, 2011


There are ways to save money without acutally using money, you know.

A few of the things I am doing are:

Using lightweight towels so they will dry faster, using less electricity, saving the plush ones for company.

Using the same towel more than once. Does that sound yuck? Well, use the towel to dry your body and a small hand towel or washcloth to dry the yucky places, feet, pits, etc.

Found a chemical free water bottle at RiteAid for 75% off so bought it to use instead of bottled water. I don't like the water here. When we first moved it was so good then a new housing neighborhood went in near us and the water changed. Now its ugh. I may have to season it with something.

We have started using the Dave Ramsey envelope system based on Social Security income only. We are just about making it and will do fine when The Hubbie has a job so that's exciting! It's not as bad as we thought. Sadly, we will not be traveling like I had hoped at this age, at least we're still breathing.

Fall is here and I wanted a pumpkin for the front porch. I made two fabric ones instead of buying a real one, only to have it rot. Yeah, they look more like tomatoes but I can pretend they are pumpkins.

Try having one day, or more, a week when you spend NO money, that's right, zero, none, to save money, don't spend it.

So, that's it. Have a great Tuesday!


Dinahsoar said...

Good tips. We always use our bath towels more than once. If I followed the logic that I needed a clean bath towel every time I dried my clean body I'd have to get a clean dish towel for every dish I washed, every fork, every knife...who does that?...no one, unless they are Monk.

In fact I daresay those same people who think they have to get a new towel out with every bath/shower rarely change their dish towels...and I bet they use them to wipe their hands too instead of reserving them for the dishes.

Also, I have stayed home many a time versus going to town knowing I'd save money, by not spending.

As for bottled water, our tap water tastes awful so I buy reverse osmosis water by the gallon which is not only cheaper, has less waste. When I want to take it with me I re-use a 'to go' cup from McD's or some such place. They can be washed and reused several times.

Finally, for a bit of flavor in your water, I find a pinch of unsweetened kiwi-melon KoolAide per serving is perfect...and it is only pennies per pack...no sweetening needed either.

dfish said...

In new Mexico, the towels dry so fast that needing lighter ones is rarely a problem.

In many cases an inexpensive faucet mounted filter can provide acceptable water quality, further reducing cost.

Using lemon or lime juice to flavor the water can not only make it taste better, but also help prevent or dissolve kidney stones, saving even more money and a great deal of pain.

Carol said...

Thanks for the good comments!