Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Yesterday, I made a trip to the Big WM to see what I could find.

Sunday, a very nice lady named Barbara, gave me several (6) coupons for Cover Girl products worth $8 on two products. I also needed Breathe Right strips for my stuffy night nose. I saved one to take to Dollar General because the Big WM was limited in their selections.

The results....drum roll, please....did not spend $44.50....
with coupons,
the total I did spend.......


The haul....
1 box Breathe Right Clear for Sensitive Skin 30 strips
3 packs of UP2U Gum
6 Cover Girl Eye Shadows various and beautiful colors
2 Cover Girl Blush
2 Two pack Cover Girl Eye Brow Pencils with sharpener

The tip for today.....share your coupons. Don't trash them. You're throwing money in the garbage! Pass the paper bag, I can't breathe.....

IF you have extra, swap with a friend, like Barbara!

Last night, I was ahead of a man in line. I saw he had several items in his cart that I had coupons for so I quickly handed over what I could as his bill was totaled.

I've done this many times. Yes, I am nosey to look in other people's carts but only one time has a coupon been refused by a stranger. Most are thrilled to save whatever they can.

I am thrilled to help.

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