Monday, October 10, 2011


Yesterday at our church, we all celebrated the Church's 139 year! Yep, that's right. The Church was started by two men who wanted to teach children about the Word of God. The little class started in a log cabin and grew into our current assembly. Throughout the years, the church has faced many problems but has always been sustained to keep going, even growing. The church is located on the same property where it began although it is very different today.

Think back through history and try to remeber a few things that happened in 139 years! Flight by man became common place. Man walked on the moon. There were several wars, including World Wars. Presidents died, naturally and otherwise. Women and others won the right to vote. You could go on and on, couldn't you?! Yes, quite astounding.

We are thankful to be associated with this group of believers. It's wonderful to have a supportive group that you can fellowship with, laugh, cry, pray. Our Pastor and his family are so dedicated. We are blessed.


Teresa said...

Many people talk of getting old in different ways, I found the old adage of the speed of a car very similar. "It goes 0-60 in no time flat!" I don't know where we can cut anymore expenses and not be homeless. Our mortgage is all that is left and we owe about 5 years left. No credit cards, loans or car payments. If we sell the house and buy an rv we lose a ton because of Capital gains tax. It ain't right!

dfish said...

Praise the Lord for a church that has continued for such a long time. Some of the very largest have collapsed or turned from the truth in just a few years.

Carol said...

Teresa....Can you rent the house and buy an rv?