Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Amazingly, it's Tuesday again, already, and time for a money saving tip. This tip is simply adorable. No, it's not a picture of our GRAND daughter, who, by the way turned one on Saturday. I'll post a picture of that later.

This tip is about an adorable website I found the other night. When I surf the web, I find such cute things for children, mostly girls, but the majority of the site products are way to expensive. Not so with this website. Check it out.


(not a live link so copy and paste, please; yes, permission was given by Jenna)

The address of the site, I loved immediately!! It shouts BARGAIN but the products look so high end! Look at this picture:

It is a sampling of the product this site sells. Isn't it just precious?!

Please spend a few minutes scrolling through the products on this site. The prices are great and the selection is very nice. The tutus are so girly and even if you did sew, you could not buy the fabric for what an already made tutu costs on the website!

Christmas is right around the corner, how can we not know that one? Maybe it's time to start your shopping on....


Hummm....wonder if these come in my size......

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