Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This is a website that I learned about in the coupon class from a couple of weeks ago. It's buycoupons.org.

I bought several coupons that I normally use.

Only spent $6.85 for 120 coupons. No s&h or postage for purchase over $5.

Here's what I ordered:
20 .55 off 2 Martha White muffin mix - 1.15 for all
20 .50 off 2 Fiber One chewy bars - 1.10 for all
20 .35 off Hillshire Farm deli selects lunch meat - 1.00 for all
20 2.50 off Breathe Right product - 1.15 for all
20 .75 off Sara Lee pre sliced meat - 1.15 for all
20 1.00 off 2 Kellog's Special K - 1.30 - for all

We will not eat that much lunch meat but I have a neighbor who homeschools her kids and they eat sandwiches for lunch everyday so I'm going to share with her. The website had 440+ different coupons for purchase. They arrive in a white envelope, all stacked together, and cut out!!! Ordered them on the web, shipped in 24 hours. The website even posts the expire dates so you don't order coupons that are worthless.

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