Friday, October 29, 2010


This actually happened yesterday. I was leaving the local CVS when a lady, age unknown but older than me, I think, was walking from her car to the store. All of a sudden the wind blew a pretty good puff and all of the papers she was carrying in her hands went flying. The papers were bank deposit slips and money, cash money.

Her first response, you ask? Quote: Oh Dear Jesus, God in Heaven, help me, whatever am I going to do? Needless to say, she was panicked.

I started trying to help catch the air borne papers. It was one of the situations where you take a step and the paper blows a bit further away, take another step, whoosh there it goes further. Noticed to my right, my local primary physician walking from his car to the store, too, started helping retrieve the stuff.

Meanwhile the lady kept praying out loud, Oh, Dear God in Heaven, Help me, whatever am I going to do? I am a waitress and I need Jesus to help me.

Well, her prayers were answered. Between the three of us, all of her money, deposit slips and eye glasses were rescued.

She was very appreciative and walked away saying, Thank you, Jesus, thank you, Jesus.

Some days are specific, focused, determined good deeds, others, very spontaneous, like a gust of wind, also very funny, guess you had to be there......

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