Sunday, October 24, 2010


Sometimes life is very hard, other times, not so hard, rarely does it seem that things are going so very right. Everywhere we look, our life is going really great. Things are going so good that we are afraid to close our eyes because when we open them again, something might be wrong. This only makes sense to me because I'm the one saying it, anyway, it's the way we feel at this point, really.

The Hubbie has retired from the job he has had for many years, a good job with a company that has been good to him, but also was 'killing' him. He had long hours in the heat and in the cold, standing on concrete for 10 or more a day, driving a long commute 45 minutes plus twice a day, 5 days a week. He is working another job at a local elementary school, which means he has all of the holidays off, a week at Tgiving, many days at Christmas, summers off, etc. His insurance is now less than $300 a month, a huge drop from paying over $750 a month, really.

Our Daughter and SIL are buying a new house plus his job has suddenly become a much better job, meaning much stress has been removed, permanently, yippee. She is working on a PhD, really.

Our young Son has a job he really likes, is making plans to finish college and go for a Masters, really.

Our older Son and DIL have become parents again, this time a baby girl. Our DIL is doing very well after her second csection in 21 months, really.

We are receiving our social security checks, meaning we are now socially secure, yes, I'm joking, really.

We have a church that we love attending, a pastor that is kind and real, really.

I started to make a list of everything that I feel is going good but realized it might be boring to others, really.

We are not rich. We do not have a pension but we are happy and at a better place than we ever thought we would be at this time in our lives, really.

So, I just wanted to say that life is good, really, really, really is good.


dfish said...

Sometimes those things you think are boring are a source of encouragement. Thanks for sharing

Carol said...

you are welcome