Saturday, October 2, 2010


Today is Saturday, sweet time, time to post a recipe out of my 43 year collection, nope. Today we, The Hubbie and myself, met the younger son and his little girlfriend for lunch for his happy birthday. He will be 24 Tuesday, really, is that possible?

I be sitting here watching college football on TV, Alabama and Florida, with Florida getting whipped up on, all over their blue selves. The Hubbie is enjoying the game, me not so much, a sports lover I am not.

So, I'm sitting here, thinking of all the things I need to get done. Here is a short list, it's as boring as football on TV.

Clean out closets, keep only half of all of the stuff pulled out
Call the doctor on Monday to see about a whopping cough shot, new GRAND coming
Go to WM, use coupons, save money
Finish the garage, still dejunking, summer is over, temps are cooler, yeah
Start wrapping Christmas presents
Kitchen curtains, sew em up
Other sewing, easy stuff
Start fall housecleaning, yawn
Start walking, double yawn

What else? Blank.


Dinah Soar said...

Groan--that is a long list. Me-thinks I'd sooner watch boring football too.

Carol said...

Yeah...watching football allows for laptop time.