Wednesday, August 11, 2010


One never knows what one will find on the world wide web. Here are pics of two things that caught my eye, both are copied, source unknown.

Two of my favorite colors are black and yellow, I like this, it's over the top and would never be in my house for several reasons, one it's too much in one room and way too expensive, still I like looking at the picture.

Here is another one, a picture of a shoe, a strange shoe, but still a shoe. A dear friend of mine likes giraffes so this caught my eye. I forwarded it to her. It's interesting and fun, don't know if it's real or just an edited photo of a shoe. It probably does cost a bunch of money, my taste is way more expensive than by budget.

There is an old quote, champagne taste on a beer budget. I don't drink, never have, never will, but its a quote that I've heard all my life. Now you've heard it and it fits this blog post. Happy Wednesday.