Sunday, August 22, 2010


Not a pretty subject to most, I know, but it happens to us all. Some sooner, some later, some much too soon, others much too late. Some live long lives, become bitter and a burden, as a friend of mine said years ago, too many candles on the birthday cake.

In our church, this week, there were three deaths in three different families. One a son-in-law, long time suffering cancer victim, one a 23 year old grandson killed in an auto accident, one a husband, a short time suffering cancer victim. Each will be missed by their loved ones.

What is death? It's separation, separation from this body. The Bible says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.

There are many paths to God according to man, being baptized as an infant, doing good, being a member of a temple, believing in the power of yourself, but only one path to God according to God. Do you know what that path is?

Find a Bible, a real Bible, not a separate book, open it and turn the pages towards the back and find the book named John. There are three other Johns but this is the big one after Luke. Find chapter three, follow that chapter until you get to the verse with the number sixteen beside it. Read it.

It's the true path, the only path to God, according to God.