Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Some Senior Citizens are rude people. They are self centered and it shows by their actions.

Today, I was at the Kroger pharmacy, waiting in a line of six other customers, not including the one that was leaving as I approached and the one that stepped up as I was moving out of the aisle to make room for people passing with carts, change that to eight then (in front and back of me, total of 8). When the pharmacy realized the line was so long, a second register was opened in an effort to help the waiting customers. The next in line person stepped to the second register, which is on the side of the pharmacy counter, next in line after all.

The problem is another customer walked up to the newly opened register, did not get in line, and stood there as if he was waiting, too. Nope, he cut. He knew he did, the other customers were staring him down, including myself, he smiled sheepishly, dropped his oversize head. He knew he was a bad boy. Did it change his behavior? Nope, when the customer finished, he stepped up, very friendly to the employee, was helped, and walked away, his no neck, overweight, pot belly, gray haired self, turning to his left so he would not face the line of waiting folk. Rude. Rude. Rude.

Another customer was being helped at the first register so guess who was next at the newly opened register, teehee, yep, it be me.

I knew the lady working there, realized they were overwhelmed with work, still I had to say something, smiling, I responded to her pleasant greeting of 'how are you?'. I said, fine, then said, he, referring to the customer just helped, cut in line. The employee said she thought he had but was not sure so did not say anything. I repeated, he did, he cut in line. She apologized, not her fault, it was the cutter in liner that was wrong. Shame. Shame. Shame.

We as older Americans, Senior Citizens, I am one so I can say it, should be examples to others not a shame to ourselves or others our age.

Here are some suggestions for better behavior:

1 - don't cut in line when you know you are not next to be helped
2 - don't act like you don't know what you are doing, it's called lying
3 - don't be so self centered
4 - act like an adult not like a child in elementary school
5 - do unto others, you creep

The vent session is done but I'll be watching you, behave, you old toot.

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