Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This was one stupid day....

The title fits the bill. It pretty much sums up how the day went. It began with my alarm not going off. I had it set. It was set early so I would be on time. I got up to check it and I had set it for PM instead of AM. Stupid thing number one. I was not late in spite of stupid thing number one.

Then I realized I had done something else really stupid by a report that I saw on the Internet. I feel like an idiot. Maybe I should just go back to bed and hide all day.

Nope, I went to my happy Tuesday meeting. It was a diversion, much as this blog is a diversion. So, I had a couple hours of fun and free from stupidity and stupid thoughts about how stupid I am.

The Tuesday errands were accomplished. I picked up the dry cleaning. I went to the hospital to register for my sleep study. While there, I went to the clinic to write down what days I could come in and what days I could not come in for the study. The clinic has called twice because there were cancellations but neither night was workable for me. Now, they know and I do not have to worry about it. It is scheduled for 12/4 if not before.

One of my doctors called yesterday and left a message on my voicemail. Actually it was his assistant. What doctor actually calls these days? Anyway, I was to call back today. I did. I have an infection and I didn't even know it. Between Hubbie and self we should own a CVS store. Not really but it seems so. Stupid thing number two.

Hubbie came home with a hurt back. He went to the doctor and may have a bulging disk, too. He is on pain medicine plus one other RX and is feeling better tonight.

I rolled my hair and took another nap. When I woke up, hubbie wanted pizza. It was supper with a DQ Blizzard for junk food night.

So, when you have such a stupid day, what next? Do I ignore it and keep going? Do I throw in the towel? I feel dumber than Forrest Gump.

Maybe we should post signs....stupid ahead.

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